Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tasks That Protect Public Health in Glen Ellyn, IL

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many of our customers are wondering if it’s safe to have regular landscape maintenance done on their commercial properties. The answer is yes. Here are some commercial landscaping tasks that protect public health in Glen Ellyn, IL.


Reputable landscaping companies already work conscientiously to maintain clean and safe equipment. Now, during the extra precautions necessary during COVID-19 many are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of their crews, their clients, and the general public.

Regular commercial landscape maintenance is considered an “essential” service, because it’s more than about maintaining an attractive landscape; it’s about making sure it’s safe. It’s important to maintain the health and safety of your commercial landscape whether the premises are unoccupied (such as a retail shop or restaurant) or occupied (such as an apartment building).

While landscaping companies are not allowed to start new projects, they are allowed to perform regular maintenance duties for hardscapes and softscapes, and make necessary repairs.

The most widely practiced precautions include the following:

  • Monitoring and complying with all mandated as well as recommended federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines.
  • All employees are checked daily for signs of illness and if anyone is feeling ill, they are required to notify their supervisors and quarantine themselves for a minimum of two weeks.
  • All landscaping crews wear personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) on each site; all masks and gloves are replaced or sanitized after each site visit.
  • All equipment, machinery, and materials are sanitized before and after a site visit.
  • Crews are advised to practice hygiene, avoid touching their faces, and maintain social distance.
  • Crews will not enter your commercial building. If there is a problem on the property, video conferencing and phone calls can be used to conduct virtual walk-throughs so clients can examine a property from a remote location with the crew onsite, or vice-versa.
  • Some landscaping companies may call the day ahead of their scheduled visit to give an approximate arrival and departure time to minimize contact with people on the premises. If they don’t offer this service, you can request it.
  • You may be able to request a single individual to perform the maintenance, rather than a crew. Not all companies can accommodate this request but it’s worth a try.

A reputable landscape maintenance company puts its customers first, and at GoldLeaf, we are doing everything we can to maintain the safety and beauty of your commercial landscape, while keeping our clients, visitors, tenants, customers, and our crews safe.

Our clients can help us stay safe too. If anyone on the client’s premises is sick, please give your commercial landscape maintenance company a call. Reschedule or postpone the visit to avoid accidentally exposing the crews to the virus.

We hope that these measures give you peace of mind. We are always communicating with our clients and we’re here if you have specific concerns or questions!


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