5 Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Improving Employee Experiences in Plainfield, IL

Happy employees are productive employees. By making a few small changes to your landscaping, you can enhance their moods at work – which can pay off in greater profits for you! Here are 5 commercial landscaping ideas for improving employee experiences in Plainfield, IL.


More and more, commercial landscaping is embracing the innate human need for nature. Commercial landscapes aren’t just about enhancing the appearance of the building. Good design is focused on the human experience, and good landscapes are designed to be used.

Experiential Landscapes

“Experiential landscapes” is a fancy term for what people can do in a landscape. Examples include tree-lined walking paths, bike lanes, communal outdoor seating and dining areas, community gardens, or even a labyrinth where people can go and de-stress. Of course, all of these require a fair amount of space; but you can enhance the experience even in a small landscape. In a small space, a simple bench and fountain can give employees a chance to “unplug” on their break. Ornamental grasses invite people to reach out and touch something natural. A small community garden just for employees encourages people to grow healthy food and get outside every day. The point of an experiential landscape is to draw people into the landscape and interact with it.

Gathering Spots

Gathering spaces are important. Even if you only have space for a picnic table where employees can share a lunch break, a trellis installed along the building’s wall, covered in flowering vines, can make an outdoor lunch spot so much more appealing. Planting even one tree on the sunny side of a picnic table or bench, or installing a pergola, can make your employees’ lunch spot feel like an oasis in the heat of summer. If you have the space, a seating area that’s somewhat remote from the workspace can give people a real break away from the comings-and-goings of work. It’s also the perfect spot for informal meetings!

Nature-friendly Landscaping

People appreciate sustainable landscaping. Start with a smaller lawn; replace some of the lawn with a drought-tolerant xeriscape of native plants. Install a professional irrigation system that reduces water waste. Use permeable pavers on patios and walkways (and even the parking area) to allow rain and snowmelt to seep into the ground below instead of causing runoff. Using natural lawn and landscape care products instead of chemicals can boost the health of the landscape, as well as the health of employees who may be sensitive to pesticides and herbicides.


Wherever possible, add tranquility. Work life is fast-paced and often competitive, and people really need a break. Water features are especially popular since the soothing sounds of moving water quickly put people at ease. A pergola, monochromatic plants, attractive privacy fencing, and simple designs also help people unplug, and come back to work refreshed.


A Relaxed Design

Formal gardens certainly have their places, but to encourage employee happiness, give them a little less structure when they’re on their breaks. Use asymmetrical design that feels natural. Create balance by choosing landscape elements such as ornamental grasses to balance a dense spruce tree; or a pergola to balance a pond.

Investing in employee-friendly landscape upgrades is an immediate boost to employee morale. It’s a gesture that shows you genuinely care about your people. It also sends a positive message to the community!


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