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Whether it’s because of a dry season, an infestation, or just poor irrigation, some lawns just won’t grow into lush green spaces. That’s where sod comes in, with its natural resistance to weeds, diseases, and pests. Whether you’re looking to get sod for the first time or to replace sod that’s just not looking as good as it used to, our GoldLeaf installation team of experts will work efficiently and effectively – from removing the old grass to performing the necessary preparations to the soil. We’ll do whatever it takes to turn your yard into the lush lawn you’re looking for.


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    This is a family owned and staffed business which clearly takes pride in and responsibility for their work. Jesus who is one of the company’s chief reps and the founder’s son was very friendly and helpful in helping me to figure out the best solution for our small highly shaded yard within budget. We had sod put in in two installments and both installments “took”in spite of our spate of very hot weather. it’s worth noting also that they have payment options for larger jobs. This was a smaller job but they took it seriously and were respectful both of my wishes and my schedule. One really nice note, Jesus’ two sisters also work for the company and rolled their sleeves right up to help lay the sod - it’s great to see a family-owned business have the same expectations of and give the same opportunities to girls as well as boys! A very nice family who does excellent work at a price you can work with - I hope to hire them again this Spring!

    — dsherter, Houzz

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